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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Things I Love About Summer

Sand between my toes
The salty scent of the sea
Barbecues in the garden
Clear starry skies
The sound of the ice cream truck
Being tanned
The long, lingering daylight hours
Fresh watermelon
Picnics in Hyde Park
Wavy beach hair
Outdoor concerts and music festivals (I recently went to Wireless Festival!)
Iced coffee
Finding unique seashells
The crashing of the waves
Flip flops
Watching the sun set over the ocean
Lemonade stands
Bright coloured beach towels
Bare feet
Pool parties
More time for reading books
Ditching the gym to exercise outdoors: walking, cycling, swimming, hiking, kayaking, yoga in the park...

What are your favourite things about the summer? Comment below - I'd love to hear from some of you!

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