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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Joan's On Third

Today I had lunch at one of the the trendiest places in Los Angeles. Joan's On Third is a marketplace, gourmet deli and cafĂ© all rolled into one, with great outdoor-seating for people-watching. From the moment you step inside, you are instantly brought into a world of aromas and delectable delights. They have prepared foods to the left, an open kitchen in the middle, a cheese and charcuterie counter up front, a bakery to your right, and a grocery in the far back of the restaurant: a true Disneyland for foodies like myself! 

The place was bustling with an energetic crowd and a trendy atmosphere. In terms of the food, everything on the menu is made from fresh, seasonal, gourmet and high quality ingredients with unique flavour combinations. My favourite section was, of course, the bakery, where everything on offer is flawless in both presentation and taste, with goods such as nutella marble loaf, brown sugar pop-tarts, blueberry coconut muffins, peanut butter cookies and marshmallow-filled chocolate cupcakes. 

Utensils and napkins are in a wooden container at the table to help yourself, which added a very homey feel to the dining experience. The service was quick and efficient and the staff were all extremely friendly. 

The only downside is that most of their items are quite pricey - but then again, what would you expect from a prime spot in LA?

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Eos lipbalm

Eos lipbalms are my new favourite thing to leave my lips looking and feeling smooth and nourished. They are fully natural and 95% organic, containing soothing shea butter and antioxident-rich vitamin E and jojoba oil. It has a wonderfully fruity smell and I love the different flavours and the interestingly shaped packaging. They are available online and at UK stores including Selfridges. The only downside is that they are prices at £6.50, which seems to be rather a lot for a lipbalm!
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